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Taylor did an outstanding job photographing the exterior and interior of our fleet of jets. His enthusiasm for his craft is remarkable and quite impressive .” ~ Paul Tourville, Lyon Aviation

“Taylor is the hardest-working photographer I know. He obsesses about every detail, is determined to give every client the best possible value for their money, and he has the equipment and experience to create amazing images of luxury and business jets, He's also very personable and enthusiastic and very enjoyable to work with. His energy influences every project he's a part of. He's one of the best-kept secrets in the business at the moment, but word is getting out. I look forward to seeing his career escalate over the next years.” ~ Paula Williams, Aviation Business Consultants International

“It is my truest pleasure to recommend the work of Taylor Greenwood. Spanning the past year and a half I have tasked Taylor with many challenging and photographically diverse shots. The result were never less than spectacular and I know that my feelings speak for many others as well.” ~ Kevin Bradley, Airflyte Inc.

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